We’re Comfort Hotel® — a hotel chain that promise to give our guests what they need, and skip the unnecessary. We have great locations, urban design and we’re offering selected service, but the service we give is great. We aim to be easy & likeable. As in easy on the wallet, with easy access and last but definitely not least — easy on the planet

At Comfort Hotel Stavanger we aim to gather guests & neighbours, staff & friends, entrepreneurs & freelancers all under one roof. The heart of our hotel is the Barception, a combination of a bar, a café, a reception, a place to check-in and a fridge/deli with eco friendly, tasty goodies & drinks.

You’re checking skift.com & mashable.com on a daily basis, and you have a bunch of news apps on your phone, making sure nothing passes you by.
You know how to make a collaborative playlist on Spotify, and you know that Stan Smith comes in many colors. You know your city and love your community. When you’re posting stuff in social media, it’s super rare that you get less than 50 likes.
You’re spreading joy & warmth around you, and your laughter is contagious. So is your energy.
We see you as someone who’s easygoing, lively and extrovert. You are reliable and take full ownership to get shit done. You are the one your friends would call in case of emergency or to get a tip on which restaurant to take their Tinder date to. You respect mother earth.

About the job:

  • Startup 01.06.18
  • No previous work experience is mandatory, but is an advantage.
  • You´re 20 years or older
  • Day, evening and weekend shifts
  • Check in, check out and give our guests an unforgettable stay
  • Making tasty drinks
  • Service, Service, Service
  • Employment from June 1st

Does this feel like a perfect match? Tell us about yourself and we’ll get in touch!