NHS Jobbsenter is a student-led organisation that connects NHS (Norsk Hotellhøgskole/The Norwegian School of Hotel Management) with relevant industry opportunities. NHS Jobbsenter is especially known for its annual career fair where a range of experienced leaders and attractive companies from the Norwegian service sector are invited to meet the school’s students.

Although the career fair is, without doubt, one of our biggest projects, it is one out of many projects we work with. Guest talks, field trips, CV and interview workshops and employee skill workshops are some of our many exciting projects! This year we have started a new podcast where we invite different people with experience in the hotel and tourism industry; to cover, for instance, topics such as the importance of storytelling, the differences between managing/leading a hotel and a tourism firm, communication and the adaption to trends in the tourism industry. But most importantly, NHS Jobbsenter is frequently requested by companies from the service industry to share their jobs announcement. This is simply due to how these companies know NHS produces great candidates! You will find these announcements here on our webpage and via our social media platforms.

NHS Jobbsenter is a partner organisation of NHSU (The students’ union at NHS). Check out the section “About us” for more information about how and by whom our organisation is led and how YOU can get involved!

For more info, email post@jobbsenter.no

NHS Jobbsenter

Postboks 8002 Ullandhaug

4068 Stavanger, Norge


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